The team

Milo, USA
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One of our best bike experiences ever – As much due to the care and concern of Luigi as to the magnificent setting he steered us through.
Caroline, Belgium
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Luigi is a great host who cares for the people he rides with. Do yourself a favor and book a tour!
Carissa, USA
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[Emily & Luigi] really made me feel like a welcome addition to their life there.


After studying law Luigi went into public relations but soon started leading cycling tours in his spare time and writing short travel stories to entertain his friends. He is now the author of three books of travel stories and one of personal essays; a certified mountain bike guide; and has made a career of his passion for seeing Italy by bike.


He is mad about history (he has an incredible memory for dates) but more than anything enjoys getting people together and having a good laugh.


Luigi has 9 years experience as a volunteer first responder for the Italian Red Cross and is trained in CPR and First Aid

Santiago Express e altre storie di viaggio

Nine travel stories narrated by Yanez, a thirty-year-old who has trodden kilometers on the roads of Italy and Europe.

Sulle orme di Francesco

Thirteen travel stories, from Provence to the Po Delta, from the Calanques of Marseille to the Dolomites, up to the St Francis Way.

Il migliore dei mondi possibili?

Collection of articles and stories written in an often comic and goliardic vein taking inspiration from daily news.

Il Cialtrone

Collection of short stories on adolescence, growing up, friendship, love, study and initiation into life.


Born and raised in South Africa, Emily left her native country and profession as a psychologist to travel. She hiked much of Italy and Spain (including the pilgrim route of Santiago di Compostela which 10 years later, she discovered Luigi was cycling at the same time) before settling down briefly in Milan but decided Lake Como is far preferable!


After working for 10 years in the luxury travel industry and planning numerous adventures with Luigi her single best experience remains the stunning journey across the Italian Appenines by bike. We now offer this very same journey as part of the ‘Our Italy’ tour itineraries.