Getting to Bebike on foot or by bus from Menaggio


Bebike is located in the tiny hamlet of Cardano, Grandola ed Uniti. This historic village is connected to Menaggio via a series of charming cobbled stairways and the cycle path that was originally the railway line between Lake Como and Lugano. It is a pleasant walk of roughly 40 minutes (just under 3km) – quicker when walking downhill from Cardano to Menaggio.

Tip: To avoid the uphill walk, take the bus up and stroll down back down to Menaggio.

Read on for maps, directions and timetables for arrival on foot or by bus.

Cobbled stairways leaving Menaggio

Leaving Menaggio

Menaggio is a compact village with a very pretty lakefront. If you arrive in Menaggio by ferry, make your way from the ferry terminal to the heart of the village.

If you are walking from Menaggio to Cardano, click here for directions.

Original tunnel on the old railway that is now the cycle path

If you are planning on getting to Cardano by bus, then click here for directions from the ferry station to the bus depot in Piazza Roma. This route will take you past the newsagent (tabaccaio) on the corner of Via Calvi where you can buy your bus tickets. We then take the prettiest route to the bus depot, crossing the main square and following the picturesque lakefront walk dotted with beautiful ornamental flower beds. Calculate approximately a 10 minute walk.

Lakefront walk to the bus stop

Once you get to Piazza Roma take the bus – C12 direction Porlezza/Lugano. Get off at the Grandola-Bivio per Naggio stop. Click here to consult the bus timetables.

Tip: There is a summer and winter bus schedule. The winter schedule usually runs from the 14th September to the 8th June but always check as these dates can change each year. Make sure you are consulting the ‘feriale’ timetable if travelling on a weekday (Saturdays included) and the ‘festivo’ timetable if travelling on a Sunday or national holiday. If you take the bus back down to Menaggio, the bus stop in Cardano is just on the other side of the road from Bar Stazione.

Arriving in Cardano

Fork in the road on arrival in Cardano

Walk up Via Roma towards the village of Cardano. The Bar Stazione will be behind you. You will see a series tourist signs at a fork in the road.  Veer left for Bebike. Further up the road you will see a second sign indicating to turn right – otherwise continue straight and explore the historic centre of Cardano . You will eventually come to the large yellow church of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria. We are behind the church square. In total it is roughly 500m from the bus stop.

Bebike sign – veer left